Chad Bird
New Braunfels, TX

Bio: I am an author and speaker who's devoted to honest, real Christianity. The Gospel is for broken, messed up people like myself. Through my writings and in my speaking I focus on God's Good News for this world: that Jesus is the friend of sinners, for whom he was willing to give his life that they might have freedom and forgiveness in him. I have served as a pastor and assistant professor of OT theology at Concordia Theological Seminary (Ft. Wayne, Indiana), contributed hymns to the Lutheran Service Book, and cohost the podcast “Forty Minutes in the OT.” I am the author of Christ Alone and The Infant Priest. I also write regularly for christholdfast.com and Liberate.org. You can contact me directly at birdchadlouis@yahoo.com

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27 thoughts on “About

  1. Rose Harla on said:

    I am happy to have found your blog. Your writing is beautiful. It is like a precious gift!

  2. Dominik Jarczewski on said:

    Dear Chad,
    I’m editor of the Polish christian monthly “W drodze”. I prepare a series of interviews about the Bible. I’ve found a photo which would ideally fit my last interview as an ilustration. I’m thinking about Faces of Jesus. Do You own its rights? Would You agree that I used it?
    By the way – very nice blog 🙂

  3. Dominik Jarczewski on said:


  4. Chad, may I share your Jan. 15 post “A Time for Everything” as a devotional reading at my LWML meeting this evening? It is so beautiful and it gave me a lot to think about. I know the other women would enjoy hearing it, too. (I ordered a copy of your book from Amazon–can’t wait to receive it!)

  5. Arlene Kish on said:

    I would like your permission to use your hymn From the Mount of Our Lord’s Glory in the Central District LWMLC Newsletter to be published on March 3rd. It will be emailed to aprox 400 members in the provinces of Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario in Canada. It says everything that I attempted to say in an article for the Newsletter. I enjoy your blog. I have ordered your book for myself and a friend from amazon God’s Peace.

  6. Greetings, Chad –

    I pray you’ve been well. I really enjoyed your blog post “What a Trail taught me about the Liturgy”, and I was wondering if I could get your permission to print it in our congregation’s upcoming newsletter.

    God grant us all Lenten repentance, forgiveness in the blood of Christ, and joy in Easter to come!

    In Christ,
    Mark Bestul

  7. Hanna Mercier on said:

    I thank you for being open and honest regarding your divorce. I read your article and absolutely felt and understood your pain. I am divorced and every year on the anniversary of my marriage I cannot help but unlock those painful feelings which seem to be tucked away ever so neatly the rest of the year. Thank you for making that normal and voicing what all of us go through.

  8. I’m so sorry to be late in responding, Hanna. I missed this comment somehow. You are most welcome. If I can help others through the pain and heartache that I myself have experienced, then I feel compelled to do so. For years, I kept it all bottled up inside. To be able to describe suffering, and the peace that Christ brings, is a blessing to me.

  9. Chad my name is Effie and I am a member of Redeemer Lutheran Church Missouri Synod Fort Wayne Indiana. My brother-in-law died and that day you sent me but prints in the sand. I was so inspired I copied it and took it to my friend next-door Mary Schramm she’s 97 years old. She’s also a member of Redeemer and sat in your Sunday school class more than once. She also owns your book of sermons that she loves very much. She is very pleased to find out that you’re spreading the word of God through the Internet.

    • Hi Effie,
      Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m thankful for this chance to use the internet to spread the Good News of God’s grace in Jesus Christ. I’m very sorry for the death of your brother-in-law and I pray you find peace in that Savior who carries us all the way from Baptism to our entrance into His heavenly kingdom. Please tell Mary “hello” for me and that I pray the Lord continues to bless her in every way. Christ be with you and all the wonderful people at Redeemer.

  10. Nancy Kay Wertz Sadlon on said:

    I subscribed to your blog today. My pastor Rev. Rick Sawyer of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church LCMS, Brandon, Ms. shared a link on Facebook a few days ago. I have read a couple of your blogs which stoked my thought processes look forward to more. Its warming in the soul’s spirit to share the faith.

  11. Thank you for sharing your gift of writing! I find every piece you write to resonate so clearly inside of me! God’s blessings as you continue to share!

  12. Dear Chad I read your article The Myth of Forgiving Yourself on http://liberate.org/. It blessed me.

    I will like to post it on the sermons section of http://www.radioharoldhill.co.uk.

    We are a community Radio Station funded by A Parish of the Church of England and are based in Romford, Essex, England.

    How do I go about getting a formal permission from yourself? Our email address is radioharoldhill@gmail.com.

    I will look forward to hearing from you

  13. Bob Abbott on said:

    Please put me on your list thank you

  14. Our funeral home in Michigan would like permission to print and distribute your post on “Please Don’t Say These Six Things at my Funeral.” We would like to give these to some of our area ministers who do services for us.

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  16. Great Article, Chad. Thanks for the musings!

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