Pugnacious Santa: The Day of St. Nicholas

Pugnacious Santa: The Day of St. Nicholas

St. Nick was a bishop who slapped in the face
The man who would dare the Lord Jesus disgrace,
Spreading lies on which all the heretics dine
Who say that the Son is not fully divine.
St. Nick deserves more than our cookies and milk,
For bravely he fought against Arian ilk.
So give him your honor on this, his saint day
And from true confession do not go astray.

stnicholasThere are many stories and legends about St. Nicholas, some of which you can read about here. This poem refers to my personal favorite, when the St. Nicholas, the Bishop of Myra, punched the heretic Arius in the face because this false teacher denied the full divinity of Jesus. A blessed day of St. Nick to you all!

By the way, this playful poem is included in my book, The Infant Priest: Hymns and Poems. I’ve got a special going on right now, if you’d like to purchase a copy. Go to this website and when you check out, type in this code YLECQSWE for 25% off your copy. Thanks!


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2 thoughts on “Pugnacious Santa: The Day of St. Nicholas

  1. I’ll celebrate by drinking a Samiclaus Bier in his honor.

  2. A good way to celebrate!

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