Absolution: There’s Now an App for That!

iphoneappIn addition to reading the Bible and listening to Christian music on your mobile device, you will now also be able to confess your sins and receive divine forgiveness, all with the tap of a few buttons.

Relevant Ministries International (RMI) unveiled their latest app, “Absolution,” this past week at the conference of Christian Entrepreneurs in Las Vegas. Spokesman Harry Miles praised the app as “the most revolutionary sacramental advance that the church has made since the 1960’s.” He explained, “Look, we all know how much time people spend glued to their phones. What we at RMI are all about is redeeming that time, so that in addition to scrolling through Facebook and tweeting, believers can also enjoy a spiritual experience while online. Our goal is to transform every phone into a handheld church.”

Instead of wasting precious time driving across town and sitting through an hour long church service, or, worse yet, being forced to confess embarrassing sins privately to a pastor or priest, the Absolution app allows for the instant gratification of grace, wherever you are, when something is bothering a person’s conscience.

Here’s how it works: simply tap the Absolution icon on your screen. When the app loads, users will be asked three simple questions: “Is something bothering you?”; “Would you like to confess it and receive forgiveness?”; and “What would you like to confess?” If you select “yes” to the first two questions, the third question will then allow you to type in the sins that especially bother you. Once you hit “Submit Sins,” the App will send you a message that declares, “God has heard your confession. Your sins are forgiven! Go in peace.” It’s that easy.

Praising its spiritual sensitivity and personalized feel, Pastor Jimmy Taylor of Life Community Church, in this past Sunday’s sermon, urged his congregation to make use of the App as frequently as they needed to. “Say you got a little worked up on your commute and screamed obscenities at other motorists; or drank a little too much at the company party and got too cozy with a coworker; or just feel like you’ve really screwed up as a parent lately; then pull out your phone and confess those sins. God is everywhere, including in your mobile device. Type in those sins, tap that button, and feel the peace this App can bring.”

Online Christian blogger, Cindy Jackson, perhaps said it best in her blog post on Monday when she wrote of the Absolution app, “This app is more private than a priest; closer than your nearest church; much shorter than any liturgy; and ecumenical enough to allow even Jews, Muslims, and people of other religious persuasions to receive divine absolution. It’s like having your own personal God in your pocket.”


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11 thoughts on “Absolution: There’s Now an App for That!

  1. John Hackett on said:

    What’s your position on that Chad?

    • Hi John,
      I like to experiment with writing in various genres, as I have here with satire. The notion of an App to provide absolution is as sad as it is comical. God provided us with pastors and priests who speak His Word, shepherd the flock, and give us His gifts, such as absolution. Our phones may be useful in daily life, but not for the reception of forgiveness. For that Christ gave us the church, His word, His shepherds, that we might gather together as the Bride of Christ to receive His gifts.

      • OK Chad. I get it. Sometimes I’m a little slow on the up-take. I needed to recognize it as satire. You’re the best!

  2. Reminds me of the scene out of the 1971 Sci Fi movie, thx 1138, where Robert Duvall goes to a booth to confess and receive absolution from a computer. George Lucas was “prophetic” and could see where things were going. Crazy.

  3. It’s odd how satire and science fiction eventually become reality. 😦

  4. “Upon this your confession, I, as a called and ordained servant of the Word, announce the grace of God to all of you, and in the stead and by the command of my Lord Jesus Christ I forgive you all your sins in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”

    Yeah, I didn’t think so.

    Very sad.


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  6. David CLapper on said:

    But is it connected to the arch-databank in Rome? http://snltranscripts.jt.org/77/77aconfession.phtml

  7. At first when I had read your writing I couldn’t belive what you had written. I had to go to see the comments that were made when I then realized that you were in deed not agreeing with this. I thank you that you have not turned away from what you truly belive. I look to your writing and take constant comfort in your words and they are a blessing to me.

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