Camo-Clad Angels: A Memorial Day Poem

Lest terrors and bondage eclipse freedom’s sun
Our camo-clad angels bore missile and gun.
Their plowshares they beat into death-dealing swords
To battle for peace ‘gainst tyrannical lords.
The blood in their veins pulsed red, white, and blue,
And shed it they did, for their country, for you.
So hallow the memory and honor the name
Of all those who fell to keep freedom aflame.



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2 thoughts on “Camo-Clad Angels: A Memorial Day Poem

  1. B Schmidt on said:

    Angels are created beings, not soldiers serving in our military. People are not, and will never be angels, as you stated in your post: PLEASE DON’T SAY THESE 6 THINGS AT MY FUNERAL.

    • Yes, I was using the term angel metaphorically in this poem, as we often do in everyday speech, such as when we use it as a term of endearment or in reference to someone who’s especially helpful. In this case, since angels are God’s soldiers, it works especially well as a metaphor for human soldiers.

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