The Lord of the Lie


The Lord of the lie,
In Eden decomposed,
Before the Man of dust divine
Three loaded questions posed.

“If God’s son you are,
One dead-beat dad is he.
Better a foe with loaves of bread
When fathers faithless be.

“Israel ate manna;
And Adam fruits galore;
While sun-baked rocks are your repast,
Your table, desert floor.

“Why suffer in vain
When a word will suffice
To transform stones to daily bread,
This waste, to paradise?”

Adam’s greedy bite,
And Israel’s bitching plaint,
The Lord chewed up and swallowed down
In fasting self-restraint.

“The word of my God
Is my manna, my fruit;
His lips a wise and holy tree
Your lies cannot uproot.”


Hell-bent on conquest,
The fiend, his fight renewed.
From howling waste to holy height
Both man and devil flew.

To Salem sped they,
Atop the temple’s peak,
Where Israel’s hymn, the Lord’s own song,
The tempter dared to speak.

“If God’s son you are,
Your faith put to the test.
Leap down, and lo! How angel guards
Your fall shall soon arrest.”

“God I dare not tempt;
My faith no marvel needs.
This sacred house must not become
A circus of misdeeds.

“He you dare to tempt
Shall hurl you down instead,
When from the temple of this flesh
My foot shall strike your head.”


Higher still they climbed,
Up to a cosmic height,
Where Satan strove with cunning art
To triumph in the fight.

Showcasing his clout,
The proud god of this world,
The vast array of global might
Before the Christ unfurled.

“This treasure I grant,
To be ruler of all,
If only you, in humble thanks,
Before me prostrate fall.”

“Silence, Sire of sham,
Your lips are laced with lies;
A tyrant’s lease upon this world
Is all you exercise.”


No simple rerun,
Edenic deja vu;
Corporeal sum of all men—
The Christ—makes old lives new.

The Lord of the truth
Laid low the ancient foe.
To all of hell’s seductive lies,
In Christ mankind says No.

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One thought on “The Lord of the Lie

  1. Love “the tyrant’s lease!”

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