Change and Decay in All Around I See

agineYou will not be the same after you finish reading this post. I don’t mean that the words and thoughts will profoundly move you; I simply mean that you will change. In the time it takes your eyes to scan these 387 words, you will be older, and therefore your body will be further along in its gradual, inevitable demise. Perhaps a hair or two will fall off; skin cells will die and be replaced by others; your eyesight dim; wrinkles deepen and lengthen; the enamel on your teeth thin. Although these changes will be so profoundly minute that the loss defies measurement, it nevertheless remains true. You are changing as your eyes move over these sentences. You are aging. You are on your way to death. And nothing, absolutely nothing, can alter that fact.

But even if you read this post a million times over, there is someone beside who will not change. He is to your left and right. Above you and below you. Before you and behind you. Inside and outside you. He thoroughly envelops you with his presence. He too has a body like yours, but his body is different, and it is finished with change. It changed from a fetus to a crying newborn; from a newborn to a toddling toddler; from a toddler to a pimpled teen; from a teen to a robust man; and from a man to a flogged, thorned, impaled, deblooded cruciform victim bereft of life. And, then, after a triad of days, he underwent the final change: from an interred victim to a resurrected victor. No hairs fall off. No skin cells die. His eyes penetrate heaven and earth. Even the scars from nail and spear are dazzling, trophies of love. He will not change, either in body or heart. He has said it once, and his announcement remains unalterable: “You are mine. I have bled for you. I will never leave you or forsake you. Though you are on your way to death, you are not, for in my death you already died. In my resurrection you already rose. And nothing, absolutely nothing, can alter that fact.”

“Change and decay in all around I see,
O Thou who changest not, abide with me.”

He has, he does, and he always will, changeless in unfathomable mercy.

ChristAloneCoverIf this reflection was helpful to you, and you’d like to read more–many more–like it, then take a look at my new book, Christ Alone: Meditations and Sermons. This is not a collection of feel-good, saccharine devotional material. It’s hard-hitting, Gospel-giving, Christ-focused writing that takes you to the cross of Jesus again and again as the only source of healing for us. Purchase your copy by clicking on CreateSpace or Amazon. And thank you!


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7 thoughts on “Change and Decay in All Around I See

  1. Sam Pakan on said:

    A really wonderful reminder of the greatest truth in any of our lives. Thank you!

  2. “We should learn the kind of God we have, namely, he who surrounds us and is about us in our very greatest dangers and troubles. Therefore, if one is poor, sticks deep in sin, lies in death, is in sorrows and other afflictions, he thinks: it is a transition state, it is a drop and a spark; for God has surrounded him on all sides with pure wealth, righteousness, life and joy, only he does not permit him to see it. But it is a matter of only a little time when we shall see and enjoy it. Thus you have here an example, not of faith, but of the pure grace and loving kindness of God.” Martin Luther sermon on Luke 7:11-17

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