Many Roads, One Way

Many are the roads that lead to God’s throne,
Each path with doctrines and scriptures their own.
Some teach God is one, some say One-in-three,
Some claim heaven’s earned, some say that it’s free.
Diverse believers of each tribe and race
Will one day appear before the King’s face.
And there they will find, ’tis God and not man,
Who chooses the path of his saving plan.
There’s only one way, the Lord did provide:
The Son whom he loves, enthroned at his side.
He is all of truth, he is all of life,
The sole way to God is his sacrifice.
Many are the roads that lead to God’s throne,
But heaven is reached in Jesus alone.


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2 thoughts on “Many Roads, One Way

  1. Darren Pflughoeft on said:


    Greetings in the name of Christ Jesus our Lord.

    You and I were classmates at the seminary, although you were a year or two ahead of me.

    I’m thankful to have found your blog. Over the years, and especially during Divine Services, when I’ve sung “The Infant Priest Was Holy Born,” I’ve wondered about you and your family, and I’ve prayed for all of you. I’m thankful to the Lord that, in Christ, all of you are doing better. It’s as you’ve written:

    This great High Priest in human flesh
    Was icon of God’s righteousness.
    His hallowed touch brought sanctity;
    His hand removed impurity.

    Your Brother in Him,
    Pastor Darren Pflughoeft

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