Two Hymns on the Transfiguration

“The Body of our Lord”
A Transfiguration Hymn

The Body of our Lord,
In his transfiguration,
Shone brightly as the sun,
In full illumination.
In nature one with God,
The Son partakes in love,
Of human flesh that we,
Partake of God above.

The prophets had foretold,
His coming Incarnation;
The Word would make our flesh,
His only habitation.
Now what their mouths foretold,
Elijah, Moses, see —
The Son of God made man,
That we God’s sons might be.

God’s glory in a cloud,
Once filled the Tent of Meeting;
The God enshrined therein,
All Israel was entreating.
But now the Father’s cloud,
Has filled a human tent —
His own beloved Son,
The Glory whom he sent.

The Body of God’s Son,
Transfigured on the mountain,
Now clothes the child of God,
Adopted in the Fountain.
When earth’s dark grave we leave,
Transfigured we will be;
Christ’s glory we will share,
Through all eternity.

Tune:  Was Frag Ich Nach Der Welt
67 67 66 66


“No Pillared Flame, No Storm-Clad King”
A Transfiguration Hymn

No pillared Flame, no storm-clad King
No Lord around whom seraphs sing,
But God made flesh and flesh made God,
Transfigured Savior, Thee we laud.

In naked fear we trembling stand,
A sin-cloaked, dark-souled, outcast band.
Clothe us in blood-washed robes of white,
Suffused with Thine own healing light.

No temple veiled for favored few,
Is He the Word made Man for you:
His heart the Father’s holy place,
The mercy seat of cleansing grace.

“This is My Son!” the Lord avowed,
In lowly stream and mountain cloud,
That we baptized in Jesus’ name,
Here and above, His love proclaim.

Though sickness vex, addictions rage,
Though ills untold our deaths presage,
Transfigured life in Christ we bear,
By grace we all His nature share.

Tune: Puer Nobis



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5 thoughts on “Two Hymns on the Transfiguration

  1. Really quite fine Transfiguration hymns! Do you allow their use? — Pastor Peters

  2. Walter Mattys on said:

    Hi Chad, Since you made no additional comments, I’m thinking these are brand new hymns of yours !
    You have developed some very important links to the Hebrew Scriptures via type and fullfilment . Some of them I’ve not seen before in Transfiguration hymns, like the Tent of Meeting or the mention of the ‘storm-clad’ King & Exodus Pillar of Flame. I think you’ve read Harold Riesenfeld’s tome called Jésu Transfiguré. The linking with baptism is profoundly developed and perfectly complements the Church’s liturgical use of our Lord’s Baptism on January 13 (or the old octave of Epiphany) with the peculiar Lutheran Last Sunday after Epiphany as His Transfiguration ‘Day’. These hymns must be published in future Hymnals !
    You give yet a new meaning to that word ‘transfiguration’ in the final powerful verse of 2nd hymn.

    • Thank you, Walter. Yes, both hymns are “new” in that they have not been published. The first one I actually wrote some years ago. I’ve long thought the Transfiguration accounts in the Gospels are microcosms of OT theology (including typology), so I sought to include as much of that as I could in the hymns. Both will definitely be submitted for consideration in any future hymnals. Thanks again!

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