Make Like a Fish and Swallow a Prophet

I’d like to issue a challenge as we move in to 2013.  It is simply this:  to make like a fish and swallow a prophet.  Choose for yourself one of the prophetic books of the Hebrew Bible.  Then read, mark, learn, and inwardly digest it.  Then repeat, and repeat, until the words flow with your blood and melt into your marrow.  This is no three day exercise, followed by a sanctified regurgitation.  This prophet will make your body his home, live in you, pray in you, shape you.  I’d suggest one the so-called Minor Prophets, only because the brevity of their literary heritage allows one to absorb it wholly.  I’m still deliberating, but right now I’m leaning toward Zephaniah.  Whom shall you choose?  Whichever prophet it is, when the Lord casts him into your sea, swim to him and swallow.  Who knows, perhaps the storms around you may even subside.    



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7 thoughts on “Make Like a Fish and Swallow a Prophet

  1. What a great suggestion Chad…I’m leaning towards Hosea, simply cause I think the name Gomer is a great name for women (though no pregnant parishioners have yet taken my suggestion to so name their daughters)

  2. Michael Manz on said:

    I started Micah yesterday. Of course I’ve “read” it before for seminary, Bible study, sermon prep, etc., but NOT like this. Thanks for the challenge, Chad.

  3. Rev. Gerald Heinecke on said:

    Thank you for the suggestion. Will you be posting anything on Zepheniah for us to enjoy and learn from?

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