This day in history a man was born whom no one remembers. In fact, within a few years of his death, not a soul could recall his name. Never were flowers laid on his grave. Never were tears shed for his absence. He wrote no lasting literature, built no famous monument, and no son carried on his legacy. He was a man easily missed, quickly forgotten. But today, and every day, he wears a crown and every angel in heaven knows him by name. He is a king. He is a priest. He is a son of God. For this no-man was always precious to the Father. He numbered his tears. He understood his loneliness. He made this man his child. For no man is a no-man to the God who always remembers.


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2 thoughts on “No-Man

  1. As Robin (in the Hood) of Loxley said: “nothing is forgotten…nothing is ever forgotten” so too you beautifully illustrate that the Lord forgets none of His, whom He has inscribed on His palms. Your post reminds me of that section in C.S. Lewis’ ‘The Great Divorce’ about the parade for the great Saint…an ordinary washer-woman

  2. Sam Pakan on said:

    I’ve thought of that recently as the world mourns and seeks to be identified with fallen heroes, all deeply flawed. But to be known by God, the Creator of the universe, the author of salvation, the King of Kings, now THAT is fame worth pursuing.

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