A Nativity Poem

The lips that spoke, “Lo, let there be,”
That raised the mountain, filled the sea,
The mouth that spoke till Sabbath rest,
Now suckles Mary’s virgin breast.

Thou Light of Light, in darkness born,
Of worldly warmth and welcome shorn,
As Thou came down, raise us above,
And fire our frigid hearts with love.

The Babe whom humble shepherds laud
Is God made man, and man made God,
The Father’s reckless love made known
In flesh and blood, in skin and bone.


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2 thoughts on “A Nativity Poem

  1. Chad, a poem dripping with the sweet honey of The Christ Child – –
    and say… with it’s meter, it’s just like all of the Neale translations that Frese & Mayes have in their Brotherhood Prayer Book, i.e. it can be sung to the only tune that a “musically deaf” dolt like myself can manage – – the “Old 100th” (‘Praise God from Whom all Blessings Flow”)… so, I’ve just now sung your Grace-filled Gem loudly and joyfully (that other sound? dogs howling in the next yard)
    – jay

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