The Genesis of Jesus

The Genesis of Jesus

You are the Beginning,

God’s wise, creating Hand,

The Word through whom he made,

The heavens, seas, and land.

You walked in Eden’s grove

Where we in shame had fled.

You are the seed of Eve,

Who crushed the Serpent’s head.

You are the skins we wear,

That hide our naked shame.

You are the Tree of Life,

Whose fruit our lives reclaim.

You are the Brother slain

Whose martyred blood redeems,

Your body is the ark

Where life abundant teems.

You are Abraham’s seed,

By whom we all are blessed.

You are the holy land,

In whom the weary rest.

You are Melchizedek,

Our King and great High Priest,

Your body and your blood,

Our resurrection feast.

You are Abraham’s Son,

His sole, beloved, heir

The Isaac whom the knife,

In mercy did not spare.

You are Jacob’s ladder

Nexus of God and man.

You are Joseph betrayed,

Fulfiller of God’s plan.

You are Judah’s Lion,

A King of thorn-crowned brow.

Before your throne of grace,

Your brothers humbly bow.

You are the Beginning,

And you the blessed End,

He of whom Moses wrote,

To whom our hearts attend.


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3 thoughts on “The Genesis of Jesus

  1. I did a little blog stalking, uh, I mean, exploring, this afternoon to read some of your older posts. I ordered your book today and am so looking forward to reading more of your writings. I saw from your brief bio that you used to teach OT. Are there any online resources of your classes? I remember my Old Testament class from Concordia Seward and it was life altering for me. It was the first time I ever learned that the Bible was one big story, not a bunch of random Sunday School stories crammed into a big book. I feel foolish for never knowing it before then, but it’s always good to have those smacked upside the head moments where you always thought your were so smart and realize you actually knew nothing at all.

  2. Had to return and apologize for te potentially strange omment. I’m really not a stalker, just possess a bad abit of joking wit and talking to people I don’t een know like I’e known tem my entire life. And for some reason my keyboard is leaing out ertain letters. Tis better be my last omment for tonigt, wo knows wat would appen next. Tanks for saring your writings.

    • Rebekah,
      Thanks for your comments, both of them. The second one gave me a hearty laugh! I hope my poetry book lives up to your expectations. It is the verbal product of much blood, sweat, and tears. Unfortunately, I don’t have any of my OT resources online yet. I am, however, in the process of editing a book on Old Testament interpretation that I hope to publish in 2014. Stay tuned and thank you again!

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